Chains & Sprockets


Explore our comprehensive range of industrial power transmission components, including roller chains, sprockets, and platewheels. Our roller chains are engineered for robust performance, providing durability and reliability in various applications. Complementing them are our versatile sprockets, available in different materials and tooth configurations, ensuring a perfect match for your needs. Our platewheels are precision-machined for exceptional performance, offering options for hardened teeth. Together, these products form a complete solution for your power transmission requirements, delivering efficiency and longevity to your machinery.

Roller Chains

PTP Roller chain, renowned for its exceptional quality and backed by key quality assurance accreditations, is a reliable alternative to major brands. Manufactured to meet BS (DIN8187 ISO/R 606) and ASA (DIN8188 ISO/R 606; ANSI B29.1) standards, it offers versatility with options for 5m boxes with connecting links or individual cut lengths. Additionally, select simplex sizes are offered in stainless steel for specific needs.

Sprockets and Platewheels

Our sprockets are available in various materials such as mild steel (C45), cast iron (size-dependent), cast steel, or stainless steel with pilot bores. They cover a wide range of sizes, from 03B01 to 32B-3 or ASA 35 to ASA 160-3, offering versatility with numerous tooth configurations. You can opt for premachined sprockets for taper bushes or customized bored and keyed units, with taper bore units being the cost-effective choice. For enhanced wear resistance, hardened teeth are available.

Our platewheels, machined on both sides with teeth cut by milling cutters, are crafted from C45 steel. They come in pilot bore configurations or can be machined for use with a “Weld on Hub.” Additionally, you have the option to choose hardened teeth for increased wear resistance, and we also offer custom designs based on your specifications.

Our idler sprockets are pre-machined and equipped with ball bearings, serving as efficient idlers or tensioners within your chain system, ensuring smooth operation and tension control.